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When Lives and Property Counts on Us – We’re Ready!!

Knowing that a pump we sold may have saved the life of a neighbor or a friend is humbling. It is also an extraordinary challenge. We sell pumps the put out fires to protect the beautiful lands that make New Mexico unique, the businesses that are an important part of our economy – and, most importantly homes and families who live in them. We know that when we’re dealing with the firefighting community and its firefighters we have to be right the first time.

TP Pump Carries:

Complete mounted pump skids

Individual pumps and parts

The pumping equipment to beat down any fire

Come in and talk to one of our experts! We’ll explain our selection of brand name pumps, our service and repair capabilities and our commitment to making sure you can keep everything and everyone safe when it counts most! We are proud to carry Patterson pumps.

An international company who has proven their worth at home and abroad.

Dedicated to producing superior products that not only meet the needs of each customer – they exceed them!

Quality workmanship and superior design are the hallmarks of Patterson Pump Company

Stringent testing insures that every Patterson pump will function efficiently, economically and durability.

When you need them, they work!

Firefighting pumps have to be the most reliable pumps we sell. It is not a one size fits all kind of business. We will work with every customer in need of a firefighting pump to find the pump that will completely fill their needs.


TP Pump specializes in providing you with the most knowledgeable solution for all of your pump needs.

TP Pump knows every customer has different needs and one-size-fits-all doesn't cut it in the real world. Nobody understands this better than TP Pump. We will ask you the right questions until we fully understand each aspect of your specific situation and find the correct solution the first time...everytime. If you don't believe us, give us a chance to prove it!